About Me

I am a sexual alchemist and a tantric domina. My passion is the art of sexuality. It enables me to understand myself as well as the others, to fully manifest myself and express my desires and emotions, to expand and make the intention of my life – to be happy – come true again and again. I consider the responsibility of each and everyone to understand his or her sexuality.

What am I like? I am friendly and open, I like to enjoy myself and meet other people. I am empathic, creative and interested in the essence of things. Nevertheless, playfulness is my No.1. I can be very gentle as well as quite harsh. I can tune into the needs of the others very well during the play. I will make you feel safe and relaxed.

What is my orientation? I get turned on by both men and women. I understand women very well and I can superbly tune into them. What I enjoy about men, is their distinct energy and when they know how to express it naturally.

How experienced am I in BDSM? I have been playing, exploring and experimenting with my own sexuality for 15 years, including 7 years of BDSM practice. I am most experienced with dominant-submissive play, with the preparation and realization of scenarios, with lessons and discipline, spanking and bondage.