Before we meet – I prefer that the first contact is made via phone. My cell number is: +420 777 762 008. Please be ready to answer the following questions: What would you like to experience? What is your experience? What practices do you prefer? In case it is something I also enjoy doing, we make an appointment or specify details via email

As far as the place and time is concerned – it is better to call and make an appointment at least one day in advance, so that I can plan the time well and prepare for our meeting. I don’t give more than two sessions in a day, so that I can guarantee my energy for you. Please, respect my time and do not cancel an appointment less than 24 hours before. I have a beautiful and discrete premises in Prague 4.

What can you expect? We will clarify what you want to experience and what is your true reason for coming. We will thoroughly discuss your boundaries together, so that I know what you don’t want that happens. We will agree on practices and mutual communication that we will use in the course of the lesson.

What you cannot expect? Our meeting will for sure be very sexual but that does not mean sexual act is part of it. I do not offer sexual services.