Sexual Alchemy

Sexual alchemy is a way of creating and wiring sexual energy in the body. It is about experimenting with the senses, touch, breath, gentleness and power, feathers as well as the flogger, scarves as well as rope, anything that can make your body vibrant with energy and enhance your sensitivity towards it. Be it gentle tantric massage using aroma oils, be it massage when you cannot move because of ropes tightly wrapped around the whole of your body. Sensual Bondage Massage is an experience where you can fully give yourself to sensual female dominance, bondage and sensory deprivation, conscious touch and a massage with the help of a flogger, whip or some more hard core instruments, if that is what your body desires. Do you love latex? Then you can afford to enjoy a massage in your own dress and fully give yourself to your fetish. Playing with you will be as a great piece of art that I will create for a whole orchestra of instruments.

  • Tantric Massage
  • Four-handed Tantric Massage
  • Sensual Bondage Massage
  • Sensual Latex Massage

Length of massage: 2 hours
Price: 4500 CZK
(four-handed massage 8000 CZK)